Ultimate Texas Hold’em online rules

Ultimate Texas Hold’em online rules

Ultimate Texas Hold’em online game peculiarities

Ultimate Texas Hold’em online game differs from classic Poker in that the strategy of the player here is to beat not his rivals, but a casino. As soon as many users can take part in this game, each of them is trying to get the hand which is better than the dealer’s combination. The hand consists of 5 cards: 2 of them are given to the player, and the rest of these cards can be taken from the community ones (five).

If a person has a desire to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em online, he has to try it better using a free simulator or invite the buddies that share his interest and organize a home tournament. It is proved that practice is the best teacher, although it works better with a good theoretical base.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em online game: how to play it?

According to the Ultimate Texas Hold’em online rules, the game begins with the obligatory bets of the dealer, as the representative of the casino, and the player in the Ante field. The size of such a bet may vary.

The next stage is the distribution of cards (no jokers are involved). Each player gets two closed (they are called “pocket”) cards, and a series of three cards is laid out open on the table, called “flop”. The player takes a decision only after checking cards. He can:

  • Fold if he considers cards weak, and thereby stop the game;
  • Make the next Call bet, giving the right to continue the game. The size of the bet, in this case, is equal to the two initial ones.

In the second case, the dealer puts an additional 2 cards on the gaming table. Thus, the dealer and the gambler create their own combination using seven cards. The winner is determined after the hands are compared.

Gaming Payments

The payouts are also the peculiarity of game rules. Firstly, the payment order for Ante and Call is different. If winnings on Call are always paid out as 1: 1, then the Ante payout table has three proportions. The most widely used payout options with odds:

  • Royal Flush – 100;
  • Straight Flash – 20;
  • Four of a kind – 10;
  • Full House – 3;
  • Flush – 2;
  • Other combinations of Ultimate Texas Hold’em online game – 1.

Additionally, payouts may depend on a StayCasino. All these things can be checked during free online Ultimate Texas Hold’em round.

How to win playing this game?

Here, experience helps a lot. Those, who often play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker online free, get more chances to win and start “feeling” the cards. In a real game, it will be effective to increase the Call rate in 82% of cases, and in 18% of cases, the game should be abandoned. The basis of such cases is mainly made up of situations when a player has small pocket cards with different suits, and the chances of a Straight or a Flush are very low or absent.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em online game can hardly be attributed to the methods of stable earnings, but practice will increase the odds of a player to win. It must be remembered that improper handling of bet sizes can lead to significant losses.


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