Sketch: Raccoon

Raccoon pencil sketch Carmen Medlin

I sketched this months ago while waiting at the vet clinic. They had a really cute plush raccoon stuffy up on a shelf and I wanted to remember his face.

My poor kitty Kiba was being treated there for a massive internal infection. It was so scary! I was so glad when the vet said he would be ok and gave us some medicine. She had given him subcutaneous fluids so he looked like a big water balloon. Poor Squishy!

And here is my Squishy, feeling much better these days:

My Kiba cat

4 thoughts on “Sketch: Raccoon

  1. just4crafters says:

    Love it! I was just thinking this morning about a raccoon photo I took last summer and I should try sketching him. Funny you posted yours while I was thinking about mine. What are the odds? Lol… 🙂 ~Sophia


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