Watercolor demo video of “Winter Fun” painting

Sooo remember this mouse painting I did as a commission for a friend a couple of months ago? I actually filmed the whole painting process! 🙂 I finally finished putting together the video, and it’s here below (or you can watch it on YouTube):

This is WAY sped-up, it actually took hours in real-time. The background music some of you may recognize who have been with me awhile 🙂 — it’s odds and ends of music I’ve written over the years.

Hope you enjoy watching!

2 thoughts on “Watercolor demo video of “Winter Fun” painting

  1. Susan Call Hutchison says:

    This was so beautiful, Carmen! If I could do even one pinecone — let along a single mouse — to your standards I would be so happy. I found it particularly useful to see how you built up the color on the fir needles. That was a simple element I could single out and learn from. I love your illustrations, and the sweet and playful effect you got here.


    • carmenmedlinart says:

      Thank you SO much Susan! I’m so glad you found it useful…. I’ve been thinking I should maybe do some mini-tutorials focusing on one element at a time. Sounds like that could be a good idea!


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