New unicorn art: Rainbow Ribbon

I felt like painting a unicorn a couple of days ago. And a pegasus. So, I did the best of both worlds and made a unipeg (is that what they are called when they have wings and a horn?).

Rainbow Ribbon cute unicorn watercolor art
Rainbow Ribbon
5×7” Watercolor on paper. $100
Get the original HERE or Buy a print

I have been seeing things about thankfulness everywhere I look lately, including in my Bible studies. I think it’s a sign that I need to practice it. So many times I get bogged down by problems and tribulations and I forget to focus on the things that are good in my life. Do you ever do that? I am going to try and shift my focus every day, looking for things on purpose that are happy things. Want to join me?

Today I’m thankful for the peaches growing in the front yard, watercolor paints, my fat kitty, the waffles and sausages we had for dinner (breakfast for dinner, yum!), air conditioning, sprinklers to run through, and the color combination of sky blue and raspberry. How about you? Are you struggling with things right now?

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