Coloring a SCACD Elements stamp step by step

Well howdy! Today I’m showing you how I colored one of my SCACD Elements Collection stamps that just released, “Earth.” The stamp is available HERE, and the 4 elements together are available HERE. This is the end result:

Earth SCACD Elements Collection Carmen Medlin

How did I get here? Glad you asked (heh)!! I’m using Copic and Prismacolor markers, Prismacolor colored pencils and a couple of gel pens. Please excuse my camera’s color-shifting!

Earth Elements Collection SCACD Carmen MedlinCarmen Medlin SCACD Earth Elements Collection

After putting the stamp on paper, I did a light, flat color over the whole face with Copic E11 (it’s part of their skin tones collection). Then I started on the contour shadows from lighter to darker with E13 and E15. Finally, I added a pale pink blush to cheeks and lips with R20.

SCACD Earth Elements Collection Carmen MedlinSCACD Elements Collection Earth Carmen Medlin

Next I switched to a Prismacolor marker, Mocha Light for her hair and eyes. In the deep shadows of her hair I used E18, a nice dark brown. I don’t usually go for deep shadows right away like this, but I felt like it today. 🙂

Carmen Medlin SCACD Elements Collection EarthSCACD Elements Collection Earth Carmen Medlin

Now on to the colored pencils! Powder Blue was used to shade the eyes and the pearl drop on her forehead (hard to see in the fuzzy photo, it is a very light color). Crimson, Tuscan Red and Deco Yellow were used on the flowers coming down on the left. Magenta and Blush Pink were used on her cheeks and lips to redden them up.
On her hair I started glazing Chartreuse on the bottom and Sienna Brown on the top shadows.

SCACD Elements Collection Earth Carmen MedlinSCACD Elements Collection Earth Carmen Medlin

Next, there is a glaze of Light Aqua from the green ends on her hair, and the hibiscus gets Pink and Neon Orange. Deco Yellow in some of the designs on her skin. I blended the flowers with the Prismacolor Clear Blender marker.
Deepening the hair shadows with Ultramarine, more Light Aqua, and Sienna Brown.

SCACD Elements Collection Earth Carmen MedlinCarmen Medlin SCACD Elements Collection Earth

Next, I burnished the hair in the highlights with a White pencil. This makes everything smooth-looking. The hibiscus gets some shadow dimension with Magenta, and Deco Yellow goes on the top left flower.
Pale Vermillion shades that yellow flower and some of the skin designs. Non-Photo Blue goes on some of the leafy parts of the skin designs (such as under the eyes). The lizard is colored with Deco Yellow and the snake tail with Pale Sage.

SCACD Earth Elements Collection Carmen MedlinEarth SCACD Elements Collection Carmen Medlin

Lizard and snake tail are shaded with Yellow Ochre and Sienna Brown. The upper lip gets Sienna Brown as well, since the emphasis is going to go on her bottom lip. More Light Aqua, Non-Photo Blue, Pink and Sienna Brown accents here and there and in the skin designs.
To wrap things up, I used the Colorless Blender in several areas that needed smoothing, like the flowers, lizard and snake tail. Some of the black details got lost in her eyes so I darkened them up with a Micron pen. Gold gel pen on the pearl drop settings, and a bit of white gel pen for lip highlights and on the leafy elements under her eyes and on her forehead.

List of stuff I used: 

Copic markers – E11, E13, E15, E18, R20
Prismacolor markers – Mocha Light, Colorless Blender
Prismacolor colored pencils – Powder Blue, Crimson, Tuscan Red, Deco Yellow, Magenta, Blush Pink, Pink, Chartreuse, Sienna Brown, Light Aqua, Neon Orange, Ultramarine, White, Pale Vermillion, Non-Photo Blue, Yellow Ochre, Pale Sage
Misc – Micron pen, Gold and White gel pens


6 thoughts on “Coloring a SCACD Elements stamp step by step

  1. Delphine says:

    So gorgeous, Carmen! I love your colours, thank you so much for sharing this step by step!!! And the Elements collection is fantastic – I’m completely in love! Hugs Delphine xx


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