Interview at INFP Central and a new Fox painting

Well happy April!
I just did an interview over at INFP Central about my art business! INFP meaning the Myers-Briggs personality type, and that is the type I happen to be (the letters stand for Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving, if you have never taken that test). No matter what type of personality you have, perhaps you will find the interview interesting – I talk about what I was like as a kid, how I got started doing art as a profession, how I organize myself working from home, etc. I hope you enjoy it! The interview is HERE.

In original art news, I have recently painted this little 1950s-style fox in gouache:

Fashion Fox cute animal gouache art by Carmen Medlin

Fashion Fox
5×7″ Gouache on paper

Crazily enough, there was a tornado just south of here last week. Tornados don’t happen on the west coast!! Thought we’d left all that crazy weather behind, heh. No one was hurt, thankfully. And how are you?

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