Mermaids galore, in which I try gouache again

I’ve been painting mermaids! I decided to give gouache another go. I’ve usually hated the results I’ve got with it, but I think that’s because I keep trying to make it look like everything else I do in transparent medium. This time I attempted working with it in an opaque technique. Anyhow, turns out I really really enjoyed it and I like the results of last night’s paint-fest. Here they are:

Pet Swordfish cute mermaid art


Pet Swordfish 4×6″ Gouache on paper – $80.00

Nautilus Queen fantasy mermaid art


Nautilus Queen 4×6″ Gouache on paper – $80.00

Apparently I had not got enough of drawing nautilus (nautiluses? nautili?) since the SCACD design “Steampunk Nautilus“. They are neat-o.

Pet Narwhal cute mermaid art


Pet Narwhal 4×6″ Gouache on paper – $80.00

Ok now I TOTALLY want to draw more narwhals. They’re cute as heck!! It was my brother’s idea to make this one pink, heheh. More sea creatures in general!

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