Drawing fairies and humans again

Happy February!
I found some time to finish a couple of paintings at the end of last month that *aren’t* ACEOs….. so here they are. They ended up having a very similar color scheme! I’m really starting to like fairies again. I’ve had a pretty long hiatus of rarely painting them, when I used to paint them tons and tons. Now if I could just get a gnome design down that I liked…. gnomes are the cutest. Anyway, on to the paintings!

Little Bluebells cute fairy art
Little Bluebells

Garden Gown princess art

Garden Gown

I saw a beautiful red-shouldered hawk in the poplar tree a couple of days ago. She was quite loud! All the other little birdies that have been coming to my yard did not seem to mind her, oddly enough. They were busy as ever. I would think they’d be scared of such a giantess. A few weeks ago I started buying wild bird seed mix (one of my self-care projects, I guess!) and now our yard is very popular with the feathered crowd. I didn’t get a picture of the hawk, but I did of another gorgeous bird, a Cedar Waxwing….

Cedar Waxwing bird

Hope you are staying warm! Anything you are doing for self-care lately?

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