Owl Girl sketch

Here’s a sketch for you! I’ve been “incubating” these girl sketches for awhile now and haven’t shared any of them…. so now I’m going to start posting them up. 🙂 Most have in common doodly things on their skin, hair, etc — They are not intended as  tattoos, more thoughts and feelings showing up on skin and hair. I guess wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve. Or maybe they have trouble talking, so it’s easier to *show* instead. Much like me in real life, I have a terrible time expressing things out loud! Drawing and music are so much easier for expression.

Moon Owl girl pencil art

This one has a lot of night things going on about her… owl, moon, luna moth…

So I’ve been keeping true to my intention to do better self-care this year! I usually never allow myself to buy art even though I love it — strange for an artist to say, isn’t it! But I am working on changing that 😀 because other people’s art really brings me a lot of joy and inspiration, too. Happily, I bought these tiny handmade NOM (gnome) figurines from the wonderful Little Dear / Aimee Ray…. http://littledeartracks.blogspot.com/2014/01/new-guys.html
I got the little guy in the log hat that has a leaf on top and the itty bitty gray wolf. They came in the mail a couple of days ago and I love them!! Been wanting a NOM forever.

Everything on the Little Dear blog is SUPER ADORABLE. It’s one of my favorite blogs that I follow 🙂 Anyway, so glad I’m allowing myself to buy other people’s art!! It cheers me up.


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