Art Christmas through the years…

It is unbelievably December already, wrapping up a good year over here artwise. The best year so far, in fact! Though there was a lot of upheaval what with moving halfway across the country back to my home state, a lot of adjustments and such, I painted a ton this year and have continued to learn and implement a ton about business in general. Win! I’m thankful for that and for being closer to the majority of my family again. What do you feel happy about when you look over the past year? Any exciting plans for next year, or maybe hopes?
I thought it would be fun to make a sort of collage of Christmas/wintery themed art I’ve made since I started doing it as a business in 2005. Had to find a sketchbook entry to represent 2010 because I did not paint much that year, let alone Christmas-themed…it was kind of a black hole! But kitty is wearing red pajamas so he counts. Heheh.

Christmas collage art
Oh yes, this year I have painted tons and tons of kitty cats that I have not posted much on my blog or newsletter because they sell out so quickly, they are usually gone by the time you see the post. But! I’ve got them all in my print shop and here’s all the holiday themed ones.

I hope you have been able to stay relatively stress-free during the holiday season so far! I’ve been busy, but not too bad. As I type, it is snowing here in Northern California. At least no blizzards, unlike our old South Dakota place!! It’s not sticking much so I won’t whine too loudly about it. 😉 How do you feel about snow?

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