Childhood comforts

Howdy! I have some recent bright eyed critters to show you….

Yo Yo Kittty cute cat illustration
Yo-Yo Kitty

Thinking of You cute cat mail bird letter illustration

Thinking of You

Little Birdie cute bird titmouse illustration

Little Birdie

This particular style of painting critters makes me think of my childhood. It’s comforting somehow. Do you like comforting things from childhood? I had a huge imagination as a kid, and I took refuge in it a lot along with my storybooks. It was a great escape to have adventures and imaginary horse friends and tea parties with all my stuffed animals out in the front garden. But that is me — what comforts you?
I am starting to feel a teeeeny bit of Autumn in the air. Were we in South Dakota still, I would dread this since it means winter (and months of snow) is around the corner… but here in Northern California, it’s a nice relief from the heat! I shall welcome fiery leaves and pumpkins. And hooray, there is a great pumpkin patch here.
See you later!


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