Tiny Colored Pencil Fox

After a moving trip full of mishaps (like our moving truck winding up in the shop for a day and a half), we’ve made it to Northern California and are settling in. 🙂 I have missed it here, even how the oak leaves smell in the sun. It is HOT here, though! Not used to that yet. I do miss some of the birdies we had in South Dakota, like the Eastern Blue Jays. But now I see my old friends every day again, little Anna’s Hummingbirds!
Here is some recent art I’ve made…. I’ve been experimenting with some different ways to do colored pencil — namely to start with a sort of underpainting that is different colors from the overpainting. This tiny fox (5×7″) was first sketched out in Non-Photo Blue Prismacolor pencil, with some shading in there too. I mixed all sorts of colors together that I wouldn’t normally have put in something orange, or blue, or green. What do you think? Still working on this technique. I have just noticed that some colored pencil artists who get really amazing results do some form of this underpain
ting. And so, I try it too.

Tiny Fox on a Mushroom cute colored pencil

Fox on a Mushroom

And here’s a little Eastern Blue Jay (very stylized) just ’cause I miss em.

Happy Little Blue Jay cute bird watercolor

Hopefully temperatures will start dropping around here soon… summer is a bit brutal!

See you next time 🙂

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