Lots of shiny new Digital Stamps, and we are moving to California!

Hi!! My husband, cats and I are right now in the process of moving back to Northern California. This very weekend in fact. “California here I come, right back where I started from–!” With all the packing and cleaning, I haven’t had a lot of painting time this month. However, I have been VERY busy indeed designing boatloads of digi stamps with SCACD for this weekend’s new release! Big boatloads. With sails and oars. And flags. Over 40 images have been added to my digi collection there and they run the gamut from cute silly monsters and squishy owls to meched-out creatures, fairies, edgy angels and things of nature. You can see them here!! 
Here’s a bit of a sampling:

Digital Stamps - cute owl, cute snail, little fairy, mechanical bee
Also, I made this little sketch whilst waiting in the car in town of my hubby and me as kitties, packing and moving boxes! He’s the one with the suspenders. Heheh.

Pencil Sketch - Cute cats moving boxes

Talk to you later from California!

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