Doodle flower vignette and some works-in-progress

Hi everyone!
This week I have a little watercolor vignette to show you, as well as stage 1 of a double work-in-progress.

I’ve been doing a lot of those flower doodles even with paint lately, so I made a backdrop for this girl:

Doodle flowers girl watercolor art

Have to figure out a way to paint more flower doodles in a way that maybe isn’t all one color.

Here is my most recent work-in-progress:

Gnome girl, cat work-in-progress, cute art

I wanted to do a little gnome girl somehow, and this is her so far. Also I wanted to paint more pansies. More about that later.

I’m inspired about gnomes right now because of this ADORABLE SHOP called “Little Dear” on Etsy. Aaaaaaaagh!! I want all of it!! Cute to the max.

Happy May, by the way. It snuck up on me! It snowed last night, but didn’t stick. Hopefully that’s the last of it.

Until next time!

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