Painting in a blizzard…

Snowstorm at my house

The view outside my window!

It has been a very, very strange April so far. Here in South Dakota, we’ve had more snow since the start of Spring than we did all winter! Today there are a couple of feet of snow outside my window and it’s been snowing all night and all morning. Very chilly, but it does look lovely. Instead of wishing for Spring flowers like I would normally, I think I’m just going to have to embrace the snowflakes and enjoy this bizarre weather.

A couple of weeks ago I was stuck in a blizzard (winter storm Walda) in town for 4 days at my part-time nursing home job. Fortunately the company pays to put us up in a hotel in such a situation, so I had somewhere warm to stay. Between the hotel and Burger King, I even got some painting done!
Here’s the progression of one of my latest, “The Wondrous Garden”, a little cat ACEO.

Pencil sketches

Sketching art cards and doodly flowers…

Painting in a hotel room

Painting on the hotel room desk

Watercolor painting at Burger King
Finishing up kitty at Burger King! They were the only place open that side of town during the blizzard. The employees there started to say it was my “home away from home”, lol.

The Wondrous Garden ACEO cute cat art
The Wondrous Garden ACEO (all done)

I also finished up this little geranium painting — using a photo I’d shot with my phone last summer.

Geranium Joy ACEO floral painting

Geranium Joy ACEO

Has it been crazy weather in your neck of the woods? I know in other parts of the US it’s been extremely rainy and stormy.

5 thoughts on “Painting in a blizzard…

  1. FushigiFox says:

    wow, that is a lot of snow. It keeps yo-yoing up and down here in Japan. I guess in some parts it was snowing this past weekend. I am wearing wool fingerless gloves as I type this comment. April Fools on us.


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