Cute Art: Cupcake Bunny, Little Red Riding Kitty and Sea Songs

These have already been sold, but I wanted to show them to you anyway 🙂

Cupcake Bunny ACEO cute rabbit art

Cupcake Bunny
This sweetest of bunnies in her gingham dress is enjoying a nice cupcake with sprinkles on it.

Little Red Riding Kitty ACEO cute fairytale cat art

Little Red Riding Kitty
The forest is dark but Little Red is not afraid as she takes the basket of goodies to her grandmother’s house. She doesn’t know the wolf is out lurking!

Sea Songs ACEO cute mermaid cat art

Sea Songs
Little Mercat is singing her favorite songs with her friends the octopus and the jellyfish!


Even though the originals have been snapped up, I do have them available as greeting cards at Zazzle! Click HERE to see them.


In other news, it is still SNOWING here in South Dakota. We even got stuck in it a few days ago and had to have our truck pulled out by rope! Blah. Spring, where are you? At least snow is quite pretty when it is freshly fallen. And I’m listening to Christmas music to make myself feel better, heheh.

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