Art business on the go

I’m sitting in a sandwich café today with art business in tow. I often have to come to town with the Hubby early, so I am sure to keep my art bag packed and ready to go. It has paper and paints and brushes, my business planning notebook (which currently is one of those black and white composition books we used to use in school), and my pink folder full of said paper, reference photos, sketches, my business schedule/calendar and the like. It has Strawberry Shortcake on it, heheh – old school style mind you. Sooo businesslike, huh! It is in *my* type of business though. Plus it makes me smile. I find I often need to be in a childhood frame of mind when I do art.

His Eye is On the Sparrow sketch

I have my iPod in tow also, with my very favorite nature sounds app playing. Some happy birds by a stream. The app is called “Naturespace” and it’s 3-D sound so you feel like you’re really there. Looove this app. Always a treat to collect a new sound environment from them. Being outdoors on a nice day watching the birds go about their business is so relaxing and rejuvenating for me. So when it is winter and I have to stay indoors, playing nature tracks helps me get through.

So this past 6 months is the first time I ever kept a business planning notebook. Of the whole 7 or so years I’ve been doing art as a business. 2012 was a huge learning year. I realize now I was utterly clueless about how to actually run a business all those years… kind of relying more on “paint it and they will come” rather than planning anything or having any sort of real system. Not so in 2012; I took business courses, learned tons, continue to learn tons, and now I have schedules and calendars and systems and plans. It’s helped tremendously already. Looking forward to what this new year brings.

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