New Art: Skating in Pairs, Kitty’s Forest Garden, Forest View and Moonlit Forest

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did. I have some more cute kitty paintings going on auction this week, and even a little landscape or two to share.

eBay Auctions:

Skating in Pairs (picture)
Skating in Pairs ACEO
2.5×3.5” Watercolor and ink
Winter is cold, but these two kitties in love are quite warm inside as they ice skate together on the frozen pond.
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Kitty's Forest Garden (picture)

Kitty’s Forest Garden ACEO
2.5×3.5” Watercolor and ink
This cute Siamese cat wearing an old-fashioned dress with corset is watering the daffodils and jonquils out in the forest, hoping there will be a lot of flowers this spring.
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New Nature Fine Art Etsy shop listings:

Forest View ACEO (picture)

Forest View ACEO
2.5×3.5” Watercolor
I’m trying my hand at some more landscapes these days since I’ve had requests for them! This is a little study for a larger, commissioned painting of a snow-covered mountain with trees in the foothills.
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Lastly, a commissioned painting I can finally show you, that is available as prints in my new Nature Fine Art Zazzle shop:

Moonlit Forest (picture)

Moonlit Forest
Original was 6×8” Watercolor and Colored Pencil.
A full moon rises above a misty twilight forest of fir trees, while stars twinkle in the sky. This was a commissioned painting.
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Zazzle is currently having an After Christmas Sale, so definitely check that out if there are things you want in either of my Zazzle shops:

My Whimsical Art Shop
My Nature Fine Art Shop

Thanks so much for looking and Happy New Year to you all! 🙂
Take care,

New rose painting – Garden Beauty

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays — there are far too many sweets around my house!
I have another new rose painting to show you! It’s been fun painting these…

Garden Beauty
Garden Beauty
6×8” Watercolor.
This lovely magenta rose was in a city garden park that I took a picture of one day in the summer. A nice reminder of those warm days!
Original is available for purchase HERE

Also, “Making a Snow Cat” is now up on Zazzle as prints, cards, postage, etc.
Making a Snow Cat - Postage
Snow Cat on neat stuff is HERE

Have a very, very Merry Christmas everyone!

New kitty cat art

Hello and happy December everybody!
It’s a snowy day here in South Dakota, and things are looking quite pretty with all the Christmas light up. Our kitties, Kiba and Opal, aren’t even bothering the ornaments on the tree much (surprising especially for little kitten, heheh!). I’m trying to stay warm indoors, and I have a couple of new paintings to show you!
First, this little kitty ACEO is up on eBay auction right now:

Making a Snow Cat
Making a Snow Cat ACEO
2.5×3.5” Watercolor.
This little gray tabby kitty is all bundled up in mittens and scarf, making a fine snow cat.
Click HERE to see the auction!

Also, I’ve finally finished this rose painting I’ve had in the works for quite awhile. Until I get a separate nature fine art area of my website made for things like this, I have this up in my fine art Etsy shop.

Morning Dew Rose
Morning Dew Rose

8×10” Colored Pencil.
A lovely warm pink rose against a garden background of mottled greens and blues.
Click HERE to buy the rose painting on Etsy!

Lastly, here is a recent kitty painting that is already sold, but I have prints, cards, and other gifty items available now on Zazzle:

Ice Skating
Ice Skating
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Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season…. I have lots to do before Christmas gets here!