Feeling like Christmas… and Thanksgiving too

Winter is coming on fast here in the midwest, and I’m in a Christmas-y mood. I’ve seriously been listening to Christmas music almost every day (I’m sure my husband wishes I wouldn’t). Anyway, I have a new little painting that fits the mood of Christmas or any time during winter, really. Also it reflects my love of bird watching. Here it is…

Winter Friends original painting

Winter Friends
Approx. 4×6” Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.
Another bird girl painting! On a December afternoon, this wee girl is sitting on the snowy branch of a fir tree in her warm winter cape, while her best friend Mr. Cardinal sits on her shoulder, telling her all the news of the forest.
The original painting is available for purchase HERE on my website

It is also available as art prints, greeting cards (perfect for Christmas cards!), ornaments, postcards, postage, and all kinds of goodies HERE in my Zazzle shop


Even though my mood is Christmas-y, I can’t leave Thanksgiving out! These little mousies were a recent commissioned painting so the original is sold, but I am making it available for cards and prints and such in my Zazzle shop so other folks can enjoy the mousie-ness also.

A Thankful Feast original painting

A Thankful Feast
Prints, cards, gifty items HERE

I hope the coming holidays are finding you all well, and those who are affected by Hurricane Sandy — my prayers are with you!

2 thoughts on “Feeling like Christmas… and Thanksgiving too

  1. Dalliann says:

    These are beautiful! The polka-dotted cape is really cute (a nod to snowflakes, perhaps?) but I especially like the feather skirt– what a cool idea!

    And the colors in the Thanksgiving illustration are fantastic; such a warm, happy scene made even cheerier by that palette. ^_^


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