Last painting of 2011

Hello, all! Well I’ve got my last painting of 2011 here to show you (unless I get super inspired to finish another one before midnight tonight, heheh):

Ulysses Butterfly
Approx. 4×6″ Acrylic on unstretched canvas.

This is currently available in my Etsy Shop for purchase!

So a new year has come upon us already. Outside we are currently covered with snow here in the Black Hills. Haven’t seen tons of wildlife lately except for deer, bighorn sheep and wild turkeys. I like the turkeys, they are funny. I am hoping for a really great art year in 2012 — this past year has been very lean all around. I know I’ve been having “style challenges”, just kind of all over the map. I’m not sure how it will settle other than to keep painting! Most of all trying to remember to just paint what I love. Often financial pressures cloud me up about that, and I begin thinking about what other people might like instead of what I personally like to paint. I’m actually so mixed up about it that I am not even sure *what* I like to paint! If I must have a goal for the next year, I suppose it is to really figure out what inspires me and keeps me painting. Wish me luck and Happy New Year. 🙂

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