Desires of Your Heart – And insights into the longest artist’s block ever

I feel like I’m getting my inspiration back!

Desires of Your Heart
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I’ve realized recently that I need to get back to painting from my experience of life… and usually that’s an inner experience, together with little things that I see and love. I’ve let trying to anticipate what people will like squash my creative flow, and that doesn’t make anybody happy! I’ve been doing it rather chronically for years, though sometimes I have painted things that I really love despite this. Well, I want that to be more of a regular occurrence. So hello painting what I love from the inner person.
This verse, Psalm 37:4, reminds me that God is the one who put the desire to create in my heart. He is the original and greatest Creator, and of course He understands how important it is to me! He made it important to me. I have often struggled with feeling that I somehow don’t deserve to be an artist or just won’t make it in life if I am an artist. Which battles with that absolute need to be an artist. It’s time to be at peace with that. Time to stop letting these hangups nearly squelch my creative output. When I started out in this business I was really very prolific — I feel I’ve slowed down to a crawl the past couple of years! This will require some delving into the heart, I think.

One thought on “Desires of Your Heart – And insights into the longest artist’s block ever

  1. Kristin says:

    I think that’s great! Good insight and so so glad you sense you can let go of all that other stuff now. HERE, HERE!! You absolutely do have the gift, the skill, and the creativity to “make it”. I can see the light of hope and life in this painting’s eyes!
    Go for it!
    ❤ K


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