Blueberries, sunny days and acrylics

Good afternoon, all! Thought I’d share a couple of recent mouse paintings (both a take on blueberries):

Praising God for Blueberries I

Praising God for Blueberries II
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Lovely weather has taken hold of the Black Hills and some days it is all I can do to make myself stay in the studio! I got some nice Vitamin D-laden sun rays today so I think I’m able to handle it. 😉 As always I’ve been working away on rubber stamp designs, and seriously thinking about getting better at actually *using* them like the talented design team members do over at the SCACD blog. I’m not a fabulous collage artist like them 🙂 but it really looks like a fun thing to try.
Also I’m picking up acrylics again. I’m feeling the need for more saturated color/bigger contrast these days and acrylics can certainly fulfill that. It’s been so long!! But I’ve really enjoyed the results I’ve had in the past when using them so it’s definitely time to revisit. My husband, bless him, has been helping me find and buy the supplies I need since several paints/gesso/suchlike have apparently gone bad in the years I’ve left them alone. I’m excited! Hopefully this will help me feel more creative, just playing with different mediums.
If anyone uses Facebook, I’ve been on a kick of putting sketches and works in progress over there if you want to see….

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