I’m a little behind…

Have some more artwork I have to catch up on sharing! My blog editing has been down for a few days. Firstly, I just put up a new auction today on eBay. They’ve just today significantly lowered their listing fees so I’m thinking about doing this more often now. Anywho! Here’s a kitten for you:

Strawberry Kitten ACEO
Currently on eBay auction HERE

Also I have a new botanical painting (woohoo!). I’ve been enjoying painting these while sitting and watching Murder, She Wrote with my husband. We are also working our way through all of the Star Trek movies, heheh. On to the flowers:

Wild Orchid
Available in my ETSY SHOP

Other than that, I’ve been a rubber stamp design drawing fool this past week. I am annoyed with the weather because it keeps snowing even though it is almost April. Today was hail — but looks like things are warming up to the 40s and 50s, so it will be rain instead of snow!! Yeehaw. I love snow, but I am just sooooo ready for Spring to really be here. Plus the Hubs and I want to get bikes and go riding out there and not maim ourselves on the ice. Come back, greenery!

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