Peony Rabbit painting

So I finished up this little critter last night…

Peony Rabbit
Available in my ETSY SHOP

Along with that I worked on another little rose painting, which really did not want to cooperate at all. Totally stuck on it. I might try to go forward, might just put it through the shredder! Anywho, boy have I got a busy week of drawing coming up πŸ™‚ — can’t share most of it yet though. I’ll try and get some more little critters done alongside that I can share.
Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday! I’m not sure exactly what we want to do yet other than go somewhere for supper and eat cake and ice cream and that sort of goodness. Maybe the park, if it is nice out… We’re not much for planning events, heheh. Just decide as it comes. We sure wish we had bicycles to enjoy the weather warming up! I’ve got my eye on a cruiser. Must save up.

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