Computer Doom

Well sadly, my computer has had a royal meltdown, and David is now in the process of fixing it (ie, completely re-formatting it)! Thus, progress on the Zazzle shop and pretty much everything else art businessy has been temporarily halted. I suppose it could have had worse timing, as this weekend is our wedding ceremony and as such, I am quite a busy girl anyway. Almost time!! I am trying to clean this house for my parents’ sakes, heheh.
Once the computer is back in business, I think it would be fun to post some sketches. I hear ice cream calling me from the freezer…

5 thoughts on “Computer Doom

  1. April VanSickle says:

    congratulations!!! 😀 Hope you have a lovely ceremony this weekend and also that your computer gets fixed very soon. 🙂


  2. Carmen Keys says:

    Thanks you two! Wedding almost here…. Agh!!! I will relax now and not panic about all the things to be done. 🙂


  3. FushigiFox says:

    Congratulations, such happy news! I just added you hear I look forward to reading about your past blog posts. added you on twitter too. So glad I found you. do you sell your art work overseas?


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