By golly, I’m partially moved

Well here I am in sunny Fresno! Phase 1 of moving complete. I have managed to thus far paint a couple of mermaid ACEOs…

Heart of the Sea On auction HERE

Yellow Mermaid On auction HERE

It’s crazy the difference in weather between here and Shasta Lake. It was rainy and gloomy and cold up north, but here it is sunny and hot! Life is even busier too, I’m afraid, what with the wedding ceremony soon and all. But it should be fun! Now I must catch up on an inbox full of emails and figure out a lot of stuff about life…

7 thoughts on “By golly, I’m partially moved

  1. Blenda says:

    Beautiful mermaids.They make me want to smile.Oh and would you please send a little of that Fresno sunshine up here to the Pacific Northwest? We've had steady rain and cloud gloom for weeks…same as Shasta Lake


  2. Carmen Keys says:

    Thank you everyone! And Amanda, thank you for the Friday Five! Woohoo…. :)Blenda, I'd be glad to send you some of this sunny heat — it's a little TOO hot at times! Boy, by June I can see why folks are getting sick of gloom and rain.


  3. Carmen Keys-Medlin says:

    Thank you!! I'm not sure how to add a follow button, but I do have a subscribe button on the bottom of the right hand column of this blog… hope that helps!


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