Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

Above All Else, Guard Your Heart
…for it is the wellspring of life. (Proverbs 4:23)
These are fun, I tell you. It’s been a long day, helping a friend of mine move house — I think I got my exercise in for the day as her new place is up a gigantic flight of stairs! Over a horse stable, no less. It was actually a very cool place.
My brain has just wandered off somewhere, so that is all! It must have seen something shiny.

5 thoughts on “Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

  1. Elizabeth Novak says:

    Oh! She's so cute.My family and I just read that verse in the bible last night. And how to guard your heart, you must look forward to the cross, not backward to the world. Such a powerful verse.Blessings,Elizabeth Novak


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