A dry Dusk Blooms

Dusk Blooms is dry!

And she is available in my Etsy Shop 🙂

Today I am having a little supper get-together at my house, so I’ve been busy making ridiculously chocolatey cake. It’s been hard not to sneak a piece before everyone gets here. I have also been doing more paintings in this mixed media style and LOVING it. I have two that are still drying, and I have decided not to post them twice like this one (heheh) so as not to drive my readers crazy. But… I will post them on Twitter because I am excited about them. They’ll be blogged of when they are dry!
It is very quiet around here today, hanging out with the cats. The dogs have been banished to the backyard because they are shedding bucketloads of hair… at least until *after* my guests go home.

2 thoughts on “A dry Dusk Blooms

  1. Sara says:

    Really beautiful piece! I love your choice of colors. The texture of cloak is lovely. I also love the way you've painted her hair and skin.


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