Autumn time…

FINALLY it is September. I wish the weather would realize this, too… It’s about 90 degrees in my house right now. Last month was so busy and full of crazy stuff, I’ll be glad to see things (hopefully) slow down and I can get back to posting more!
Anyhow, I made these two little illustrations yesterday, and decided to auction them since I haven’t done one of those in awhile.
Auctions are HERE!

Harvest Time ACEO

A Scholar ACEO

I am still thoroughly stuck on the haunted house girl painting, so I am going with FUN and CUTE instead for awhile and maybe that will help with the stuck. Good to keep the paintbrush moving.
Yesterday my Pa brought home a giant heirloom tomato the size of a cantaloupe. It’s so cool-looking! Yellow, and full of interesting ridges and sections. I must find out what these are and grow some next year. Anyone know of giant heirloom tomatoes and where to buy the seeds?

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