Sketchy WIP stuff

Working on something for Illustration Friday….
Rough sketch:

More refined sketch:

Still much work to do!

Even though it is still very much summer over here, I am spending the day drinking warm herbal tea — have a cavity that has started hurting with cold stuff. Bah!! Have I mentioned I am terrified of the dentist? I am going to have to drag myself over there sooner or later. Preferably sooner.
Second round of tomatoes have begun ripening, cucumbers have finally slowed down (good since we could no longer keep up!), and I used a great deal of the jalapeños to make jalapeño poppers. That was very tasty, and absolutely bursting with calories.
Back to drawing!

8 thoughts on “Sketchy WIP stuff

  1. Candace Trew Camling says:

    oooh! I can already see how beautiful this is going to be. I love it! Very pretty! I love the slightly skewed perspective and I can totally feel the wind blowing!


  2. tlc illustration says:

    Dentists are better than owie-teeth… (You'll be happy to have that done and taken care of, I'm sure..)I love this sketch. The slightly plaintive figure, the somewhat ominous crows, the fun stylized background – looking forward to this one!


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