It’s done!


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My mailing list is having a glitch at the moment, so this blog post will have to do for an announcement! It’s been that kind of a weird day. Really, oppressively hot/muggy…I am SO ready for autumn, and I am glad it is August so only one more month of summer. Though the vegetable garden is a pretty cool summer thing I must admit. Tomatoes are really starting to come in now, I just picked about 7 of them today! And gave away a big sack of cucumbers, as we are up to our ears in those.
Good gracious, almost midnight. Maybe I will indulge in a nice book.

6 thoughts on “Ageless

  1. Fotf says:

    Lovely Carmen. Have you grown pumkins, the one my son and i grew from seed is getting so big but i can't see any sign of a pumkin coming yet, keep hoping!


  2. Carmen Keys says:

    Thank you! :)I haven't grown any pumpkins but we do have other squashes for sure! One is sort of pumpkin-like, but yellow and acorn shaped. That one I recall took longer than the others to mature but the squash is YUM! Your pumpkins will come, don't worry. 🙂


  3. Jennifer says:

    bee-U-T-ful work, Carmen!!!I am just like you- ready for Fall! It was chilly last evening and I slept so well!I re-did my art blog… come see, when you get the chance :) ya!!!~J


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