Er yeah, more critters!

So apparently this making of little ACEOs with animals in them thing is quite fun. I have more!

Cornflower Mouse ACEO

Sparrow ACEO

Auctions are here of course!

Also good practice for more realistic-style animals for illustration jobs. Which reminds me, I finally sent out some promo postcards today!! Now that I’ve actually broken the ice and DONE it, it doesn’t feel as intimidating as it did before. Yay, finally.
I am going to have to make another post about gardening soon, all of our vegetables are exploding with life! There are little green tomatoes all over the place, many more zucchini, even a cute tiny watermelon. And I didn’t know that eggplant made such pretty purple flowers.
My mom’s car has just broke down on top of everything else — agh. I sure don’t know what it is going on, it seems like everything is going wrong all at once for her! At least the house is getting nicely re-done, it’s actually turning out to be something of a blessing because of the whole flooding incident. It smells of new wood and construction in there.
Still a lot of work to do today, I’d best keep on going. Have a beautiful summer day, all!

4 thoughts on “Er yeah, more critters!

  1. Heather says:

    These are sweet! You draw the sweetest little animals. Ive decided I need to try my hand at more critters. Cant wait to see your garden!~


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