New painting: Strangely Familiar

So I’ve finished the oil-like girl at last! It seemed like a good place to stop, rather than keep tweaking it.

Strangely Familiar
6x8in Watercolor on hot press paper.
Dreams are funny things, mixing ordinary things with the fantastic.

Original available in Etsy shop
Prints & such available in ArtWanted shop

It’s been quite an eventful past few days… for those on Twitter, you know that my mom’s house whilst in its roof shingle-less state got flooded out in a huge thunderstorm and nearly destroyed, so after a very late night evacuation of important things my mom and brother are staying here with us. Thankfully the roofers are paying for the damages and the house can be repaired (unlike what we thought at first), but wow what a nightmare! I sure hope all of their belongings can be salvaged; we already got most of the super-important stuff out a couple of nights ago. Sheesh, you just never know when something like this will happen and your world changes in an instant! My mommy has been displaced and poor brother shocked. 😦
In nicer news, my promotional postcards have arrived and they look pretty. My critique group made lots of great suggestions for how I can improve them, so that is what I will do for the next batch. Now to send out to publishers!
Hopefully I will have more time to blog soon, it’s been craziness around here!

3 thoughts on “New painting: Strangely Familiar

  1. Fotf says:

    I love this piece Carmen. Sorry to hear about your mums house, i hope it gets sorted with minimal damage to the sentimental items x


  2. Carmen Keys says:

    Thanks you two! Yeah, the whole house thing has been a nightmare. They've been putting everything in storage and it sounds like it's going to be ok.


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