So I’ve decided to start offering sketches on Etsy. Usually I’m pretty possessive of those since I don’t get to keep most of my paintings, but I thought it would be fun to do some on purpose that I know I’ll be letting fly to new homes!

Friend of the Meadow

She’s available here on Etsy!

I just had an artichoke and a grilled cheese sandwich, but strangely am still hungry. Bah! Maybe it is that I did not have any chocolate for dessert. 😉 It will soon be remedied! Can you believe I’m still working on the giant chocolate block I got from Trader Joe’s… I’ve had it for a month. Only a few squares to go!
It’s been raining all day here in the forest, which is probably good since it is fire season now.
I’m stalled on the oil-like watercolor painting, it seems to have come to a grinding halt! Methinks I need to walk away from it for awhile and come back with fresh eyes. Meanwhile I can delve into the million other projects that are going on.

2 thoughts on “Sketch!

  1. Michelle says:

    Carmen, She is beautiful, what a lovely sketch. I have been thinking about selling my sketches too since I seem to have more of them than finished colored drawings lately!Michelle 🙂


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