Rabbit illustration!

Time for a new rabbit painting….

Leaves for Stew
5x7in Watercolor on hot press paper.
Lily and Mother Rabbit are collecting aromatic leaves for the stew they are going to make for that evening’s supper.

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These rabbits were fun. Last night I started painting a sketch I’ve had laying around for months, and I am really loving it! I was wistfully wishing for the kind of look I used to get with acrylics and oils, and so am trying to achieve something like that with the watercolors. It is a bit more time-consuming I must say, but it looks super cool I think.
Today is my baby brother’s birthday! He is 15 years old. I’m old enough to be his mom really, and that’s kind of how I relate to him by default. I suppose I get less mom-ish the older he gets. We are all going to see Wolverine at the movies.
My tomato and zucchini plants are getting ready to flower!!! I can hardly believe it! As a first-time vegetable gardener, these things are exciting. 😉 The zucchini plants are getting absolutely huge.
Okay, now SOMEBODY make me stop eating crackers and get down to some more work.

4 thoughts on “Rabbit illustration!

  1. Elena says:

    Stop eating those crackers! unless of course they have some lovely cheese to go with them! I LOVE the bunnies, their fur looks so soft and squishy (like Rex rabbits, which I love!). I wish I had the guts to plant veggies….I just bought some basil….we’ll see.


  2. Carmen Keys says:

    Thanks girls!!Haha Elena, they are CHEEZ-IT crackers! Now they are all gone so I can’t use them to procrastinate. 😛


  3. Sarah says:

    Oh Carmen – what charming work you do!! I do love whimsy – you will see why if you pop by my blog. I look forward to visiting often!Off to your Etsy shop!! Have a great Thursday!! Sarah


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