Jane Austen strikes again!

Good evening!
I have finally got round to scanning in this little Jane Austen-inspired illustration. It’s Catherine Morland! Silly thing, sitting here reading her gothic romance novels and imagining all sorts of strange goings-on.

Catherine at Northanger Abbey

Original is in Etsy shop
Prints & such are in ArtWanted shop

Spent the weekend helping my mommy pick out new house trimmings for her remodeling she’s going to have done. Wow, that was fun being an interior decorator for a little while!
I had strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight 🙂 and I have a serious INNER EDITOR keeping me from really writing much in this post, not much for any good reason. Hm!
Added lavender and zinnias to the garden, oh boy. And I have a strong urge to drag out the My Little Pony collection. Instead, I will probably be painting.

6 thoughts on “Jane Austen strikes again!

  1. amanuensis247 says:

    I think you should do a whole series of Jane Austen characters, including Elizabeth Bennett’s mother with ‘her poor nerves’. Your Muse is back. This is superb, Carmen


  2. Kristina Layton says:

    How lovely! Her gown is beautiful, and I love the light touch you have painting greenery. When you do have the time, I’m sure your Little Ponies would love to prance around the garden. 😉


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