I want to dress like Lizzie Bennett

Hiya! And cheerio!
Well first off, I’m going to show you the new little ACEOs — though I’m annoyed with my scanner just now for washing out the colors. Need a new one!

Hot Cup of Tea – ACEO
Click here to buy on Etsy

Tea Therapy – ACEO
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Kite Flying – ACEO
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Personally, I’m fond of the rabbit.
There was actually a fourth, but I ended up disliking it so much that it is swimming at the bottom of the ACEO pile, perhaps never to see the light of day.
I planted zucchini earlier today 🙂 — I do hope they grow because I LOVE zucchini! I love to make zucchini bread, and also just plain sauteeing it in a pan and eating it that way. It’s good stuff, Maynard. It’s been difficult finding spots that get full sun 6+ hours of the day around here, too many foresty trees everywhere! Guess it helps that I’m using moveable containers.
Oh yeah, and I’m almost done making my sun bonnet. I will feel like Laura Ingalls. I am hoping that this small sewing project will give me further confidence to tackle making a Regency-era ensemble…. underthings and all!! But I SO want to dress up like Lizzie Bennett. Every day, I mean it. And I’m totally using a bedsheet to make the chemise, because it’s cheaper than buying that much fabric for something that never will be seen in public.
Well it’s time to shut down the Procrastination Machine and update my website.

4 thoughts on “I want to dress like Lizzie Bennett

  1. thropots says:

    I like them all, but I agree that the bunny is super cute. Speaking of Lizzie Bennett, have you seen Lost in Austen? It was a mini-series on PBS recently in which a modern British woman changes places with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. I found it very funny, and very well done. It does take some very strange twists from the original story.


  2. Carmen Keys says:

    Thanks ladies! Patty, indeed I have not heard of that series! I am going to have to hunt for it now 🙂 it sounds delightful. I’m a sucker for a Jane Austen anything.


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