Good noontide!
It’s a sunny but chilly day here in the forest. I’m about to go work on some website stuff for a client, but thought I’d put in a bit of a post first — and eat chocolate. For you non-Twitter folk out there (and thus haven’t heard me gush about it already), I just discovered the most wonderful indie musical group! They’ve been around awhile but I’d never heard of them until now, called The Innocence Mission. I picked up their album Small Planes a few days ago. Anyway, I identify so much with the lyrics and the motivation behind them, besides it being beautiful to listen to. Like I see life through a similar lens.
Just had to gush for a minute. πŸ˜‰
From the sketchbook:

A bit of a pictorial “journaling” on mourning the rather destroyed life I left before I moved here — and time to let go of it, because I’ve gained a much better prize when I moved to this house… and that is Jesus.

Kiba is modeling the afghan I just finished crocheting a couple of days ago. Isn’t it cheerful? I think it looks like a garden.

Today I felt compelled to bring the lilac bush inside so I could look at it and smell it whilst working. It’s difficult trying to keep Kiba out of the plant water though! It’s sitting on my “new” shelf that my mom just gave me. I haven’t had a proper bookshelf in 3 years! Finally everyone can start emerging from the piles under my bed and stand up like proper little books. πŸ™‚

The bottom of our hill…. oh cheerful yard, how I wish I could roll around in the grass and dirt all day!

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