Thinking a lot about childhood today… it’s been a weird day!
Firstly I have been practicing more sequential art (or art from the same story) and I have this little boy and his squirrel friend to show you:

Balance ACEO
Original is on Etsy

Sharing a Meal ACEO
Original is on Etsy

I was outside sketching in the sun earlier, and made a drawing of a little boy flying a kite — at which point I burst into tears because it reminds me of my brother Travis and I miss him! He lives in Seattle. He used to love to fly kites when we were kids.
I was feeling pretty nostalgic in general, listening to music that my parents used to play when I was very small! Puts me in a strange state of mind. I have such an emotional connection with childhood, all the beauties and fears.
Also I had a really scary nightmare last night about a serial killer who would suffocate people with plastic wrap and I caught him in the act. I woke up yelling! Boy, haven’t done that in a while. Maybe I need to watch less tv.
Scary as that was, it really was a very beautiful warm day outside. Butterflies were swirling all over the air, mostly to have a meal of the lilac bush and many of them went for the periwinkle as well. While I was smelling a lilac, one of them flew to my cheek! 🙂 My Kiba cat sure had fun watching them too — I had to intervene once when he pounced on one. Okay, now I feel I MUST post some pictures of butterflies.

Black Swallowtail — the kind that was on my cheek!

I don’t know what kind this is, but I like them.

Another Swallowtail.

Now it is evening and we really must go grocery shopping. I made a chocolate cake and also must make hot fudge frosting for it! As you can see, I’m no longer avoiding sugar as a rule 😛 … don’t want to go hog wild either but hey, tomorrow’s a holiday. Happy Resurrection Sunday/Easter to all!

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