Newness and some murky deep thoughts

Hi neighbors! I’ve been a bit scarce for a number of days… long story short, my old computer was getting to be nearly unusable and….. I got a new one!!! God is so kind — I’ve been praying and praying for one, as it has become very difficult trying to run my business off of the old battered thing. Last week an anonymous benefactor (and fellow believer) felt strongly that they wanted to give me a computer, and they didn’t know I had been praying for one either.

When the new one got ordered I burst into tears actually (heh) because it was just such a kind thing for God to do and I felt His love for me. I didn’t have the funds to just run out and get a new machine, that’s for sure! Not by a long shot.
So it arrived yesterday 🙂 and I’ve been setting it up with my files and programs since then. Also I got a random wild notion to rearrange my studio/bedroom, heheh. So there you have it — disappearing Carmen!

I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to edit art files in GIMP and not want to tear out my hair because it takes 5 minutes to do any little thing. It just zips right through now!
Part of my rearranging of the studio (which also happens to be my bedroom) included making an inspiration board:

Random pictures from magazines, cards, wrapping paper, just anything that took my fancy. And some crochet flowers. 😉

Snaggle digs her new spot in the yarn basket. She can see everything from there! Plus having the yarn out makes me feel cheery. Those two albums are full of old pictures of my ancestors, mostly Victorian with some Civil War. Very cool!

There’s the dresser. I love that little tea kettle on top of the speaker with the cheerful yellow and orange flowers. I found it at a second hand store and it is rusty inside, but it made me feel happy to look at it so to home it went!

In the three years I’ve been here I had never put pictures on my walls. This is very strange for me. But I decided it was time to do it now. The little girl in the photograph is me, drawing at my grandparents’ table. 🙂 I think I was three?

My nightstand. Not sure why I’m showing you all this, haha, but I just liked how it came together with the turtle candle holder and the pineapple doily. I seriously need bookshelves, I’ve got books crammed under my bed all over the place.

Anyway, the combination of all of these things have actually kept me awake at night a few times, like some big CHANGE is on the horizon. I don’t know why, but this arrangement of my sleeping and working space makes me feel like a very little girl again — I mean 4 and younger, before some very terrible things occurred in my life. So I feel that 4 and younger is like, the real me… and maybe the big CHANGE in the air will be something to do with that.
Wow this post is long, thanks for hanging in there!

4 thoughts on “Newness and some murky deep thoughts

  1. Fotf says:

    Thanks for the insight Carmen, it is interesting to see what’s behind the art and the person, you certainly get an impression of someone from the art they produce and yet the surroundings are not always what you imagine, i may try something similar and see if i surprise anyone.Glad your enjoying your pc 🙂


  2. Elena says:

    Carmen! Nice to have you back….praise God for his provision and blessing. I hope you have tons of fun and success with your new computer! I loved seeing the pic of you as a little girl drawing….makes me wonder if there are any similar pics at my parents house….hmmm. Enjoy your new arrangement, I have definitely spent hours and hours on room-rearranging baffling my roommates and now my husband!


  3. aquariann says:

    Yay for new computers!! Your rearranged room looks wonderful. Lovely inspiration board! I’m really bad at putting pictures up on the wall, too – I’ve been in my house 4 years and still have several prints on the floor. 😮


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