That sneaky old artist’s block

So this is what I *want* my desk to be looking like right now:

But alas! It is pretty clean. No paints on it, just a cup of tea and my computer that hates me. Hopefully soon I will be getting a new computer — seriously I’ve had to do hard drive re-formats about 7 times now on this thing. Four Windows installs and three Linux installs (may have lost count). Woohoo! This poor old thing wants to retire badly.
Anyway, I’m having some artist’s block at present. I think what it is usually is that I have struggles with Big Bad Time Management. Time Management is scary to my nebulous brain. I would love to learn how to deal with it in a way that is nebulous brained creative person-friendly. Prescribed routines that last too long tend to be rebelled against. So this all leads to me constantly feeling pressured to be DOING SOMETHING (!!!) and that isn’t a very healthy place for art, not even art with deadlines. Deadlines are a fact of this business, painting with or without inspiration is a fact of this business — but I am not helping myself by this constant pressure of guilt about time management. Just thinking out loud. 🙂 Also I did not eat very well nutritionally yesterday and that often brings these things on. Blah!
So, lastly — I decided to join Twitter and give it a whirl. I don’t know that I love it yet, but I’m giving it a try! Random thoughts are appealing to me. This is me:
Until next time!

2 thoughts on “That sneaky old artist’s block

  1. Cyn Narcisi says:

    Hopefully your creative block has long since passed and you've also gotten your new computer! You're right, poor nutrition definitely affects creativity. The last thing I want to do after indulging in pizza is sit down and draw. I pretty much want to sit down and sleep. I balance those moments with lots o' exercise the next day. Cant' draw when I'm feeling like a pile o' goo!


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