….Crawls out of the muck…..

Well I’m still alive! Combined jury duty and a nasty flu has had me rather wiped out for awhile. I read a really good article on Empty Easel about blogging types, and it got me thinking about what I really wanted out of this blog. My favorite blogs that I read every day are generally blogs of other artists, and they do more than just list their latest work — they really give an insight into their own little worlds. I want to do that! I’m afraid I’ve slipped into mainly “look what I’ve painted next!” out of laziness and uncertainty about what to write. I think that sort of blog is good too and I also read many of those, but my favorites are definitely the ones that share an inner world along with the art. So I will now challenge myself to be better at that sort of journaling. 🙂 It’s funny, I have kept regular pen and ink journals all of my life and have no trouble at all with those! It’s just that I use those for processing thoughts and emotions and not really a list of what I did that day, so I’m not sure how to do that here. Hm. I’ll figure this online thing out somehow!
Anyhow, NOW I am going to share some new ACEOs 🙂 — and they are on auction here if anyone should desire them…

Whale Watcher

Daisy Girl

I think I need to paint a whale again, it was fun! It’s an absolutely glorious day here in Northern California, and I spent some of it wandering around outside in the trees and grass. My tiger cat enjoyed it too, we both needed a good airing out. Some of the trees are blossoming, and the beloved lilac bush is showing baby leaf shoots. I can’t wait until it is in bloom! I really have to get on myself to go outside and be out in Creation. I get so wrapped up in my little cocoon of desk, paint, and computer that it can sometimes be very draining. Watching movies on Hulu while I paint is nice but there is just nothing like being outside with the beautiful creatures God has made.

4 thoughts on “….Crawls out of the muck…..

  1. Barbara says:

    Carmen, I just want to say that I’ve read all of your posts and I absolutely love you. 🙂 Not in a creepy way, I assure you! I’m a lot older than you (52!), but I’ve loved seeing your work evolve, and I love that you are honest, soulful, and have such a loving spirit. You WILL go far – not only do you have the talent it takes, but you have the soul that it takes. I look forward to reading your blog and watching your artwork evolve and grow for many many more years.God bless you,Barbara


  2. Elena says:

    Carmen! I’m sorry you’ve been sick….I wondered where you disappeared to. Glad you’re feeling better and I agree that we need to spend time outside, being inspired by the master artist! I have been “watching” a lot of Hulu while drawing lately too. I’m going through a Mary Tyler Moore phase…how about you?


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