Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday today! My dad has already made me a super tasty breakfast 🙂 and hopefully there will be some nice tea and cake later on.
Anyway, I wanted to share my new painting today because it seemed so tea-party-ish even though there is no tea in it. Just the outfit I guess!

Little Mama
Original purchase information
Prints purchase information

I think we might go to the bookstore and I will go pick out a neat book. I love books!!! I’ve always cared far more about books and music than I ever have about clothing, which is evident in my very non-trendy wardrobe. 😉
For some reason I am really into crochet food right now. Especially desserts. I bought a pattern the other day to make the most adorable teapot!! It is from KTB Designs on Etsy, and is in fact my first Etsy purchase. All of her patterns and creations are UBER CUTE. Check them out!
I’d best go get ready to head out for birthday festivities.

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