New art: Scary Storm

Bunnies don’t like thunderstorms!

Scary Storm Click here for Etsy purchase info

I need more work on perspective! Though granted, it is supposed to be a round room like inside a tree or hollow and thus it was harder to figure it out.
Ah, listening to Mozart’s “Laudate Dominum” on my earphones right now, the Maria Zadori version. Heaven!!
It’s a good night for sketching I think. Amidst my pile of commissions I’ve THANKFULLY been getting, I haven’t had much time for it. But I shipped one off, have another sketch approved, and finished this rabbit painting AND started another painting…. so I think I can allow myself some fun sketching eh! I ought to make time for it anyway really, it is so necessary for getting new ideas and working things out at least for me.
It’s kind of interesting how I can watch tv and listen to audio dramas whilst painting, but those are way too distracting for sketching. Have to have music and only music for that.

2 thoughts on “New art: Scary Storm

  1. Elena says:

    Hi Carmen! I love the bunnies and the bunny slippers made me chuckle. I also like “watching” shows while doing artwork even though I’m really just listening as I’m looking down the whole time!


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