So I made some more ACEOs! I believe I have officially used up the last of my ACEO paper. I suppose I’ll have to make some more, or paint something larger now. Anyhow, on to the critters…

Thawing Season ACEO Click here for Etsy purchase info

This kitty was another sketchbook creation — I really like the side view here, but I am having trouble getting a front and 3/4 view that I like of this type of cat. It kind of reminds me of the bunnies I’ve been doing, maybe they’ll live in the same village. 😉 Again with my new favorite sketchy technical pen!

Needlework ACEO Click here for Etsy purchase info

I brought this Georgian bunny back for a sequel, I like her.

Lastly of the originals I found this little “old school” fairy miss that has been lying in my pile of ACEO paper for ages… finally decided to finish her up and put her on Ebay:

Little Rose ACEO Click here for auction

And finally, I have a bunch of prints/gift items/suchlike on ArtWanted of the following:

Pruning Time
One Pale Morning
Fire Contained
Winter Wings

I watch a lot of tv shows on and listen to a lot of radio dramas when I paint… it is funny how when I look at my paintings later I always remember what story/show it was that I listened to at the time.

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