Rabbits ahoy!

Another rabbit ACEO in the Etsy shop!

Pruning Time
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I really enjoyed this little art card. Maybe I’m coming out of my artist’s block? It would be a thankfully short block cycle if so! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do these little rabbit characters effectively in watercolor that would capture the same charm the pencil sketches have… Maaaaybe this sketchy ink treatment is the way to go. I usually don’t have a lot of luck with ink, but I discovered if I water down my sepia so that it is more of a mid to light gray color, I like the ink FAR better and I can build up the darker lines if need be. We’ll see what else I can do with it. (I’m using it with a Rapidograph technical pen, by the way).
It’s a rainy day here — this is very good. We’ve had so little of it and our last fire season was downright scary. More rain, more rain!!
I found this nifty blog — it’s a children’s book editor’s blog who remains anonymous, I imagine to avoid being flooded with people trying to get published. Anyway, even though it’s primarily about the writing aspect of children’s book publishing I’ve already found some really great stuff for illustrators too! Plus this person has a pretty funny sense of humor:
Editoral Anonymous

Alas, must get back to the client website update — I’m very grateful for the work :), but of course it is not as fun as painting!

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