More little rabbits

I’ve been drawing these little guys a lot…. and turned a couple of them into ACEO paintings. These are in my Etsy shop right now!

Snuggle Time

Love Letters
Also I put my drawing of the little boy camping in the shop:
Fire Contained

I thought I’d mention the children’s illustration critique group I’ve become a member of recently is open to be viewed by the public, for anyone who’d benefit from seeing that process! It is here:
The Illustration Board
Although membership is full now, still could be educational and helpful to read, eh! And of course anyone can start their own as well for even more illustration help and camaraderie.

For my last announcement, I have a new product up at one of my wonderful licensors, My Fairy Baby — these are personalized poem prints featuring my “Acorn Baby” painting!
Personalized Poem Print

It is really such a gorgeous day outside, I can’t believe it is January! I’m sitting here in a short sleeved sundress with the window wide open. Earlier Kiba and I went out to the wooded area beside the house and I’m afraid Keebs made a new doorway in the “fairy’s ballroom”, hee. The ballroom is a bramble that grows in a dome shape, and little vines and such grow all over the outside of it and I always imagine the fairies must hold their parties in there. 😉 Anyway, Kiba got in and couldn’t find his way out again, so ripped himself a new doorway. Then I had to pick all the stickers out of his fur. Maybe some fairies pelted him with burrs on his way out, haha.
I got this rockin’ 1963 Betty Crocker Cooky Book for Christmas, so I’m making some cinnamon refrigerator cookies today. I tell myself I can try out every recipe in the book, but we’ll see how that goes — there are loads of them!! I’m a sucker for homemade cookies.
Today I shall paint more on my owl & pussycat painting — it’s the same as the Illustration Friday drawing I did earlier, but with some changes and of course in color. Yeehaw!

3 thoughts on “More little rabbits

  1. thropots says:

    adorable as always.Short sleeves and windows open in Jan. I wonder what that’s like? Last night when we were going out to dinner with friends it was -12F outside (and temps were still dropping for the night, I don’t know what the low actually was).


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