Sickies and New Paints

Ugh, I am sick. No painting today I’m afraid :(, I am fixing to watch Hulu tv and be a slug instead. How disappointing, I had just bought some new watercolor tubes AND a new palette and they are so pretty I want to try them out! I decided to go non-toxic with the watercolors…. my cat continually tries to drink the paint water and my niece has also been known to try and dig her little handsies into the bright colors. I think it will be better for all to get rid of the cadmiums, cobalts and leads! I found perfect replacements for the few toxic colors I cannot do without; switched my light cad yellow with Bismuth Yellow from Winsor & Newton, and also their Antwerp Blue is doing nicely for a Cerulean. I have always hated my cad red anyway — it dries blotchy, so I found a Geranium Lake from Grumbacher that is beautiful. Also, I’ve had my old crusty palette since I was a teenager, so I thought it best to start fresh with a new one. It makes me want to paint really bad! But I am destined to be an ill sloth today.

My current palette colors, clockwise from middle top:

Chinese White – M. Graham
Dioxazine Purple – M. Graham
Payne’s Gray – M. Graham
Antwerp Blue – Winsor & Newton
Ultramarine – Winsor & Newton
Winsor Blue – Winsor & Newton
Winsor Green – Winsor & Newton
Viridian – M. Graham
Sap Green – M. Graham
Hooker’s Green – M. Graham
Permanent Green Light – M. Graham
Brilliant Pink – Holbein
Quinacridone Rose – M. Graham
Permanent Alizarin Crimson – Winsor & Newton
Winsor Red – Winsor & Newton
Naphthol Red – M. Graham
Geranium Lake – Grumbacher
Gamboge – M. Graham
Winsor Yellow – Winsor & Newton
Bismuth Yellow – Winsor & Newton
Yellow Ochre – Winsor & Newton
Raw Sienna – M. Graham
Burnt Sienna – M. Graham
Burnt Umber – M. Graham
Sepia – M. Graham

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