Change in print fulfillment is imminent…

I am currently uploading oodles of files to Why, you ask? Well, I’ve decided to have them take over my print making services for the time being! I have had so many innumerable computer problems for the past few months and the subsequent switch to Linux (and thus its learning curve) I am just pulling my hair out about prints right now. I would dearly love for someone else to take care of them for me… and so I shall. 🙂 I might have shipped my last home-printed print order out today, we shall see. I still have to change the image links on my website which will take some time.
The good news for customers is, ArtWanted can offer bigger sizes and more choices of paper than I can — plus I believe they can do cards and such. People are always asking me about cards so this could be a very good thing! The not so good part is that I obviously can’t sign them since I won’t be handling them at all. I’m thinking perhaps when things are not so stressful around here I can do some sort of limited edition thing that I can print myself and sign, like on watercolor paper. That will be awhile yet!
Oh yes, I wanted to share this little sketch:

This little girl is reading her Bible, in Psalms. I never used to “get” Psalms until I started really digging into it. Now I absolutely love them, I can find my every mood in them and just about every need. No matter how many times I read the same passages, some new insight always comes.
It really is getting late, I must be off to bed!

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